About Rashtra Manch

Rashtra Manch, National Forum for Remaking India, was founded by like-minded patriots who are committed to protect, preserve and safeguard the institutions of democracy in India. Rashtra Manch has grown under the leadership of Former Finance and External Affairs Minister, Mr. Yashwant Sinha. It has formulated policy plans on issues of national significance like agriculture, rural development, livelihoods, marginalization of minority communities etc.

Rashtra Manch objectives

Rashtra Manch has committed itself to the following objectives

  • 1. Protecting, preserving and safeguarding the institutions of democracy in India at all cost and ensuring the complete accountability of those in power.
  • 2. Ensuring the complete security of farmers’ income.
  • 3. Taking full care of the livelihood concerns of all, especially the youth of the country.
  • 4. Ensuring the betterment of the quality of life of people, especially in the rural areas and in the urban slums.
  • 5. Assuring a life of dignity for women and providing full security to them.
  • 6. Protecting the constitutional rights of the weaker sections and the minorities.
  • 7. Ensuring complete national security in its widest sense- internal, external, economic, environmental and cyber.

Rashtra Manch recognised how the national discourse has become too shrill, polarised, and dangerous for the health of our democracy. Therefore, it dedicated itself to mobilising the people of India against demagoguery, authoritarianism, and dictatorial tendencies. This is imperative to defend constitutionalism, pluralism, and federalism, and steer the nation towards a secure future.

Over the years, Rashtra Manch has been a platform to discuss the issues of national significance which otherwise are not focussed upon. The plight of farmers due to the repressive agricultural policies, rural distress, industrial economy, Rafale deal, CAA, tensions on the China-India border, migrant crisis during Covid-19, etc., have been some of the grave issues highlighted over the years by Rashta Manch. This has been instrumental in forcing the attention of media and relevant stakeholders to take collective action and build a democratic discourse in order to make the concerns of the citizens their top most priority.