Cooperative federalism is in danger: Yashwant Sinha

BHUBANESWAR: Former Union finance minister Yashwant Sinha on Saturday said cooperative federalism was in danger in the country. The state should get a fair deal and the people sitting in Delhi should not decide the development plans of a small area by bypassing the state government, he said at a conference here.

“A state knows its regions better than some intellectuals at the Centre. Why should a bunch of people sitting in air-conditioned rooms in New Delhi plan for the development of a particular district or block in Odisha? Funds should be given to the state and it can develop the area in a meaningful way,” he added.

He said the state witnessed growth if the ruling parties in the state and at the Centre were the same. “If the state and the Centre have different parties, the state does not get its share. This situation needs to change in the country,” he added.

Sinha said the planning commission used to recommend to the Centre about the release of funds to the states. “If the finance ministry tried to reduce the size of funds, the commission insisted on the required amount. But now the commission has been abolished and nobody is there to bargain for the states,” he added.



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